About Us

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Our story


  • We are a platform for powerful reform amongst leaders with unique talent in the region to collaborate and share experiences, mentoring and coaching young leaders for the 21st century world in the community.
  • With powerful faculties, the three organizations have unique experiences in different aspects of their respective functions, and command highrate competence and expertise that easily make the group the emerging strongest network of learning and development provider for professionals in West Africa.
  • Our Curriculum design reflects years of our experience in figuring the human capital needs of our client organizations, and our technology and people power are unmistakable testimony of our formidable edge in the business of human  resourcing.


We offer cutting-edge training solutions, including certificate programmes for working professionals to enhance career advancement and organizational development. We also offer modern and contemporary approaches alongside more traditional management strategies and ideas, constantly developing core competencies to meet the ever-changing needs of our clients. We have helped our clients achieve their business objectives by delivering practical hands-on-training programmes which we designed and deliver practically so that delegates can return to their work places with skills they can implement immediately. This is not just another training, it is a demonstration of whom we are. Our success leverages on our ability to align our training design and learning objectives to our clients organizational strategies and goals. This is what we do.


An Integrated Multidisciplinary Member Group

The Leading Edge Group is a multidisciplinary executive education and human performance improvement system whose aim is to sharpen the edge of leaders and managers through research, training development and consulting services for governments, organizations and businesses.

An organization made of Leading Edge Academy the West African leading Human Infrastructure Development Organization, providing bespoke and timely human capital solutions to both public and private sectors, Win Institute for Gender Studies, the premier regional women leadership and gender management specialist, West Africa Institute for Public Administration (WAIPA) providing internationally recognized accredited training programmes that will catalyze the achievement of the stated regional development objectives., Leading Edge Business School (LEBS) with primary focus on public sector workforce capacity development and organizational improvement strategies, Strategic Economic & Investment Trust (SEIT), highlights Nigeria economic opportunity to international audience including policy makers business leaders academics and finance professionals for a vibrant discussion on the way aheadThe institute’s core is to evolve world rate leaders in the region, able, dedicated and informed to take on challenging leadership functions in government and business across the states of West Africa.

Our core goal is to shape the practice of leadership and governance for people, government and organization.